Interested in learning how to machine knit?

February 6, 2017

I have found a website that may be of interested to anyone considering machine knitting.

Using a machine to knit is more like dress making in that you are creating a fabric.  The machine certainly speeds up the “boring bit” enabling the body of a garment to be knitted at speed.   Hand tooling adds features such as cables and various attachments to the machine create different fabrics such as lace.

Of course being able to design your own patterns gives the greatest flexibility and these patterns can be saved as templates and used and adapted.

Prepare for Autumn Chills

August 2, 2016

It starts in September – the days get a bit shorter and the evenings get chilly.

We don’t want to resort to coats, but a wrap, a cardigan or an extra layer such as a waistcoat can keep the summer going a little longer.

Getting into the car to drive without the bulk of a coat means a knitted layer is a very welcome extra.

Standing at the school gates, or dashing to the shops at lunchtime, going into the supermarket and feeling the chill from the fridges or watching sports from the side lines – all good reasons for a new knitted “something”.  What would you like?

Complete the form at “Ready to Order” and let me know what you would like made just for you.